Professional IT Consulting

We strive to provide business with necessary day to day IT support and advice while simplifying and humanizing the sometimes strange, complex and wonderful world of Information Technology

oopa provides IT infrastructure and professional services to SMB’s. Including proactive maintenance and the integration of Apple and Windows based solutions into your IT Suite.

Our services include:



Oopa can help develop your business to reach its full potential. IT infrastructure is always developing new ways to keep users connected and businesses safe. Oopa can keep your business up to date with the latest equipment and software to ensure that your information is secure.



Maintenance is one of the most essential parts of keeping businesses running smoothly. Oopa can maintain your network, data and IT infrastructure to ensure that all information is available when a user needs and is also secure when exchanging important documents.


IT Integration

Businesses constantly have to upgrade their old equipment to keep up to date with the expanding world of IT. Oopa can make sure that the integration of your business into the IT environment will be a smooth ride to success.

oopa cares for your business and wants to help you, solve your problems, minimize downtime and allow you to focus on the things that matter most.